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Reparation: A Step Toward Resolving Black Americans’ Wealth Inequality is a major research project using vignettes about people and historical events (systemic racism) to highlight what contributed to wealth inequality for America’s Black citizens. This systemic racism has had a huge cost to the economy: $16 trillion over the past two decades - the combined cost of disparities in wages, education, investment in black-owned businesses, and the housing market. The fact we have allowed racism to cause division within our country and to rob some of its citizens of a better and more productive life is a blight on who we are as a people. While we can and must do better, the process will be a long and arduous task.


Wealth Inequality not only makes a rational case for why reparation is important and necessary, but it also lays out a program for how to gain agreement for such an undertaking along with a proposal for distribution of any financial reparation when achieved. This complex and monumental goal can be achieved by utilizing Spiral Dynamics along with the Abundance Mentality paradigm to change America’s culture from that of racism to antiracism and from fear to love. America can become as President Reagan proclaimed us to be: “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”